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A unique environment, the combination of privileged locations with the best services and technological solutions. At Kudos, commitment to a new way of working, with the design of high-quality, innovative spaces that promote interaction. Places of relaxation are created to encourage creativity, well-being, and collaboration, tailored to the needs of each company.

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Workspaces are a fundamental pillar in companies. With this premise, we created Kudos to cover the necessity of any type of company.

Spaces must be modular and adaptable to each company and project because there is no standard and satisfactory solution. That is why we offer different solutions, each with a wide range of customization options.


Our assets are in Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan — three leading cities in southern Europe that are hyper-connected, innovative, cutting-edge, and serve as the economic engine of their respective regions. They stand out for their excellent connections through the road network and their proximity to airports and public transportation.


Kudos spaces radiate innovation, demonstrated by the choice of leading companies from various sectors to establish their headquarters there.

We are committed to integrating our assets with the latest technology for various purposes, notably emphasizing sustainability and delivering the best service to our customers.

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Innovation Campus, Las Mercedes