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We are Kudos

Kudos is a workspace platform where the main focus is on people. We prioritize user experience and innovation, providing tailor-made workspaces for all types of companies and sectors with the purpose of helping their employees thrive and feel fully realized.


We provide unique, innovative, technological, and dynamic work environments created to enhance productivity, collaboration, and well-being, while fostering professional relationships. All of this is aimed at creating synergies, adding talent to our community, and making a positive impact on society and the environment.


We offer spaces that adapt to people´s needs, combining work with personalized experiences that encourage them to have fun, relate to others and create a community.


Kudos was created under the conviction that everyone who co-exists in its workplaces has experiences that reflect their values, make an impact, and allow them to feel they are part of this great community. We attract talent through excellence, inclusion, and awareness for environmental and sustainability issues.


Live, feel, share, connect, create. This is what brings us together with places and people. We`re committed to the values that demonstrate who are, open and flexible, as we promote collaboration, wellbeing, and innovation.

m2 en Madrid, Barcelona y Milán

Currently, our spaces are situated in pioneering European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan.

In Madrid, we are positioned next to the A1 and A2, near Spain’s primary technology sector headquarters and the MADBIT technology district.

In Barcelona, our locations include the 22@, the city’s technological hub, housing major companies in the technology and education sectors. Additionally, we have a complex in Sant Joan Despí, a strategically significant business area with excellent connections.

In Milan, we are situated 20 km from the city center, within the heart of the Brianza Technology Hub.


At Kudos, we believe in fostering strong relationships among employees and harnessing the immense potential of synergy between different companies. To achieve this, we have established the Community role, responsible for curating experiences and energizing our common areas through communication, events, and various initiatives.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our users by providing top-notch services, exclusive benefits, and unique amenities. These include access to the gym, shuttle service, diverse gastronomic options, urban garden spaces, rest areas, and extensive green areas.

We are dedicated to nurturing a sense of belonging within the Kudos community, placing our users at the forefront. Our goal is to transform Kudos into more than just a workplace but rather into a space where individuals can live out a truly unique professional experience.

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