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We offer specialized workspaces for life science companies equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment. The objective of Kudos Labs is to create a life science ecosystem in which companies can benefit from top-quality facilities and services within a business campus.

That’s why we provide our clients with technical equipment that meets the requirements and standards necessary for research, along with a range of spaces where they can begin working without the need for a large initial investment.


At Kudos Labs, we offer a workspace tailored for specialists, equipped with optimal equipment and facilities, ensuring that companies in the life science sector can conduct their activities with the highest guarantee of quality.

Kudos Labs offers an acceleration and mentoring program for startups, assisting them in developing their projects in areas such as public and private financing and business development.

Being part of the Kudos Labs community also entails receiving training tailored to the interests of the companies on campus, participating in Kudos events, and having a presence at the most relevant activities and meetings in the sector.

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Kudos Labs spaces are designed and adapted to each project, ensuring they are delivered ready to be enjoyed from day one.

The laboratories are equipped with all necessary furniture, and we provide space rooms and common areas with the necessary instruments for all types of life science projects. Additionally, they are equipped with ventilation systems and pre-installation of gases, requiring no extraordinary investment.

Kudos Labs Equipamiento

Our assets are in Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan — three leading cities in southern Europe that are hyper-connected, innovative, cutting-edge, and serve as the economic engine of their respective regions.